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I Heart Gemstones

When life gives you rocks...                

make them shine!

Custom Services for

Bring Your Own Gems (BYOG)



Tumbling $35
up to 3 lbs.

Each additional 1lb is 

(Tumbling turn around a min of 4 weeks)


Cabbed or Cabochon

Cabochon Cut - $30 each

w\settings - $45 each


(Basic non-precious metal)


  • Some rough gemstones produce more than one cab.

  • Let us know if you only want
    one or all possible. 

  • +$25 for each cab selected.

  • Cabs not selected will be returned to our inventory for resale.

  • Cut price is based on the ware and tare of equipment per cut not an hourly rate.

  • Each cab and facet take several hours or days to complete.


Rough Gems with Settings

Rough gem 1 settings - $45

sets w\settings$65 

(sterling silver settings)


  • Sets can include 3 pieces:

    • bracelets

    • earrings (counts as 2 pieces)

    • necklaces ​

    • keychains

    • money clip

    • tie clip

    • cufflinks 

    • ...and more


Faceted by Nicole Barnard


Contact Us for pricing 

(Standard round facetting starts at $65)

sapphire purple_12.jpg

Precious Metals for BYOG
Estimates - Prices based on market value

Pendants Sterling Silver

$40 - Up to 18x13 mm

$45 - 20x12- 25x18 mm

$50 - 30x22 mm

$55 - 40x30 mm

$60 - 50x40 mm

Rings Sterling Silver

$55 and above - Ladie's 

+ $5 for each size after size 8

$80 and above - Men's

+ $10 for each size after size 11

Earrings (Posts or Dangles) Sterling Silver

$50 - Up to 18x13 (Cab)

$60 - 20x12 and up (Cab)

Other settings Sterling Silver

$75 - Bracelets

$50 - Bolo Ties

$50 - Tie Tacks

$50 - Cufflinks

$55 - Bail Caps

$50 - Broach

Note for BYOG: Setting material is silver or gold plated unless otherwise specified. Standard-setting types: rope bracelet, earrings, charm, pendant with chain. For more information on upgrades or custom orders, send a detailed email to or use the Contact us form below. 

Colorful Crystal
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