Name Your Price

“Name Your Price” is a program the designer developed to help everyone afford great designs at a low cost. It is also because she sells her items at or just above her cost of materials and rarely includes the cost for her time. Many people even insist on paying more for their items because they know what goes into each creation. This program helps balance the cost of supplies and equipment while, in return, everyone benefits from excellent prices and quality creations. In addition to assisting others, it is used to collect from in-person or custom design sales not listed on the site.


Name Your Price Submission Form


Terms & Conditions:

  • If the amount is to give the designer a "tip", make sure to indicate that in the comment section.

  • For "Name Your Price", the price should already be agreed upon before adding to the chart.

  • Use the note section to give details surrounding the “Name Your Price” agreement. 

  • Submitting payment constitutes a purchase of a product and/or service that is not represented on the website.

  • Because of the nature of "Name Your Price," refunds are not available.

  • By submitting a payment you acknowledge that you have received the product for your payment.

  • This is not a charity or 501c3 company. 

Thank you for the support!