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New Month, New Week, New Beginnings

Hello IHG,

As a new blogger, I hope you will understand and support me as I learn and grow. My aim is to create a platform where we can learn from each other and become better individuals.

I am writing this before starting my day job, which allows me to indulge in the fun activities of IHGs. As we step into September, we welcome a new season that people generally love. The fall season brings cooler weather, exciting holidays, and a fresh start for many students. During this season, the process of regeneration takes place. Trees shed their leaves, grass dies, and the weather changes, preparing for winter. Without these seasonal changes, we wouldn't have the diverse range of plants and wildlife that we have today.

Just as living organisms need to go through different seasons, the stones that we admire also undergo various temperature changes to become what they are today. Some are heated to thousands of degrees and rapidly cooled, while others are heated slowly and cooled gradually. This process leads to the creation of different crystals and combined crystals. Can you think of a couple of crystals that were heated and then rapidly cooled? Do you know of crystals that have two or more crystals growing together? I challenge you to find at least one example of each.

Talk to you soon!

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