This one of a kind prime rough gem set will bring a unique flare to anyone's outfit. The fading clear crystal to amethyst mix adds that special touch of color. Sterling Silver hardware.

 This item is available for purchase online or at Blue Diamond Gem Planning in Cary, North Carolina.

: All metals are Silver or Gold plated, nickel free materials unless otherwise stated.

Rough Amethyst Sterling Silver Earring and Necklace Set

  • Note: Unless stated in the product description all metals are plated or filled and nickel free. 

    Basic Jewelry Care


    •Apply lotion, cosmetics, hairspray, and perfume before dressing in jewelry.

    •When undressing, wipe each piece with a clean soft cloth to remove oils and perspiration.

    •Store in a fabric-lined box, separately or individually-wrapped in tissue to prevent scratches.


    •Never wear jewelry when doing physical work such as housekeeping, gardening, or exercise.

    •Never expose jewelry to household cleaning products.

    •Never expose jewelry to chlorine swimming pools or hot tubs.


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