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I 💗 Gemstones was started because life gave Nicole a bag full of rocks in 2019, which changed her life forever. She decided to take those life rock and make them shine. After showing off her creations on social media to her friends and family, they convinced her to open an online gallery to sell her items.  It was then that I 💗 Gemstones was born.

When life gives you rocks, make them shine! 

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I 💗 Gemstones

What makes I 💗 Gemstones unique? We take raw gems and turn them into a unique work of art. We can make them shine (tumbled), smooth (cabochon), cut (facet), or keep them raw. We can also turn them into fine or fashion jewelry of choice to keep or to give as a gift to someone special. 

At I 💗 Gemstones, we’re committed to offering custom designs, unparalleled service, and the most competitive prices around. Excellent service begins with great people and a passion for serving, which is why the designer is passionate about her creations.

Since 2019, I 💗 Gemstones has become a well-known provider of cut gems and unique jewelry designs in the area. What started as a hobby has become her passion by delivering gems and jewelry at affordable prices so everyone can enjoy having something unique. While this remains a part-time hobby, Nicole is committed to meeting the needs of her clients. Many requests are custom-made at the time of order and could take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks, depending on available resources. Rest assured, she is very diligent in letting you know the status of your request. The site does contain a few items already made and will continue to grow as she works nights and weekends after her full-time career as an IT Manager.


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When life gives you rocks, make them shine! 





Custom Services for

Bring Your Own Gems (BYOG)

Bring Your Own Gem*

  • Tumbling up to 3lbs roughs - $30
    (Tumbling turn around a min of 4 weeks)


  • Cabochon Cut - $20 each

  • Cabochon Cut w\settings - $35 each
       (basic non-precious metal)
    Note: some rough gemstone produces more than one cab. Let us know if you only want one or all possible.


  • Rough gem with settings (one piece) - $45

  • Rough gem- with settings (set) - $65